More Conversations

We have eight “Conversations with an Adventurer” in the book but we had so much fun talking to those amazing people that we don’t want it to stop.  So keep checking back here as we add interviews with other amazing people and get their take on what adventures in the snow can do for our spiritual journeys.

Paul Arthur

Our buddy Paul is a legend.  And we are so grateful that he agreed to write the Foreword of our book.  He was the first to descend some of the most challenging peaks in the Sierra.  He coached young skiers at Squaw Valley who would go on to be champions.  And he is a selfless volunteer for just about everything at Squaw Valley Chapel United Church of Christ.  Come back soon to see an interview with Paul.

Karen, Paul and Marcia in his Squaw Valley home. 

Sarah Person

We can’t say enough about the gentle spirit  and amazing “snow-farmer” that is Sarah.  She talks of the sunrises she sees while sitting in her snowcat on the top of Northstar-at-Tahoe as her “church.”  Sarah was originally a Conversation in our book but when Marcia wrote chapter 6, we decided to make Sarah’s grooming work be the centerpiece there.  But here you can see the original script of the Conversation (with groomer Dave Myers’ contribution to it). Conversation with an Adventurer - Sarah.pdf

Warren Miller

OK... if you know anything about ski movies you know the legendary name Warren Miller.  In Chapter 8 of the book we mention the non-profit Warren Miller Freedom Foundation that he and his wife, Laurie, created.  You can read more about that in our conversation with him.

Conversation - Warren Miller.pdf


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